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If you are the kind of person that loves puppies of every shape and size, then you will love all of the ways that you can adopt a virtual puppy online. The following websites and tools offer virtual puppies that you can adopt, train, play with and even breed.

Why Adopt a Virtual Puppy?

There are many reasons why someone may desire a virtual puppy. Maybe you are too young to have your own puppy, but still want the experience of raising your own pet. Maybe you live somewhere that doesn't allow dogs, but you crave the ability to nurture and care for an adorable baby dog. Regardless of the reason, virtual puppies fulfill an important need for dog lovers around the world.

Types of Virtual Puppies

When you think of virtual puppies, you may imagine those little virtual electronic pets called Tamagotchi that were so popular throughout the late 1990s. With those classic electronic games, you would have to feed, water and play with your virtual pet to help it grow and remain healthy and happy. There are certainly plenty of virtual puppy games online where that's also the case, but there are other websites where the simulation of a virtual puppy also includes some very unique activities like breeding or dog shows. Some of the websites are as simple as downloading virtual animal icons for your website.

Where to Adopt a Virtual Puppy

All of the following websites provide you with an opportunity to adopt your own virtual puppy in one way or another. A lot of the websites are similar, but some of them offer unique online experiences involving dogs. If you're a dog lover, you'll love any of these websites, so try them all.

  • VirtualPets is one of the cutest online virtual pet websites on the Internet. While it isn't devoted exclusively to dogs, you'll find a number of the games do feature your canine friends. All of the games at this site are high-quality Flash based games that are very entertaining to play. However, they are intended to be played in one session, not over a long period.
  • Bunny Hero Labs is different than all of the other sites due to its simplicity. The pets that you download from this site are for use on your website as widgets that act like little virtual pets on your own web page. The included actions are very simple, and mostly involve the virtual pet reacting to your mouse movement or mouse clicks.
  • Virtual Pups is an example of the most popular type of online virtual pet game where you can breed, train and even compete in a large multi-player virtual world.
  • Virtual Dog is also a unique style of dog game where you can adopt your own dog and then go on an adventure with it through a virtual online world.
  • FooPets is probably the most advanced dog adoption game with 3D interactive pets you can play with and raise. This site offers some of the best graphics and the most interactive game play compared to most of the other sites.
  • Dog Dayzz is another site where you adopt, breed, train and show your dog in its own virtual dog show community with other online members.

Choosing the Right Online Game

When you want to adopt a virtual puppy, it isn't always easy to choose what online site to use. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you like the idea of breeding dogs, then you'll want to choose one of the many popular multi-player breeding games. If you just like the idea of playing with your own virtual puppy, then go with the simpler simulated puppy games. No matter what sort of dog lover you are, there's a virtual puppy game out there for you.

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Adopt a Virtual Puppy