10 Things You Should Never Google

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Google is the world's information super highway. It can be your best friend, or it can be the key to some serious mind-bending stuff, which will leave you beating yourself over the head with a stick saying, "why oh why did I Google that?"

1. Your Symptoms

Seriously now, unless you want to convince yourself that you are having a stroke, a neuralgia, or that you have the big C, do not, whatever you do, Google your symptoms! After an hour of Googling yourself into a state of anxiety by trying to decipher what started out as a weird ache or rash somewhere, you will definitely wished you had just gone to the doctor's instead. Of course, we should all be vigilant when it comes to our health, just not with the help of Dr. Doom Google. Comprende?

2. Yourself

Googling yourself is like a one-way ticket to narcissistic hell. One of either two things happens: either reams and reams of evidence of yourself appear for the whole world to see as your privacy explodes in your face, or the opposite, where you realize that you are a nobody. Either way, it's a black hole of despair that any sensible person should steer clear of.

3. Google

If ever there was evidence that Google basically owns the world, this is it. Plus, unless you really want to die a death of boredom by Google, just don't. It's worse than watching paint dry on any day of the week.

4. Trypophobia

Unless you feel like picking up a new phobia, don't ever Google this. Trypophobia is the irrational fear of holes, pods, circles, or cracks, especially those found in nature. We promise you Googling this will leave you with a pounding heart and have you sweating bullets within two seconds. Although this might sound as mad as a box of frogs, we tried it, and it's true. Apparently due to the crazy your brain goes through trying to figure out the geometry of it all, it's enough to send you nuts. Don't say we didn't warn you.

5. 50 Things to Do Before...

Unless you have lived the richest YOLO life and have spent every day bungee jumping, running through fields, and conquering mountains like your life depended on it, then please, just don't Google this. It's a surefire way to wither like a flower in its last days as you realize just how much you have not seized life by the proverbials. Instant dissatisfaction slash life crisis guaranteed - we'll pass thanks!

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6. The Death Clock

It must have taken some special excuse of a human being to invent The Death Clock, and we're not sure if we like them. We all have our fears about death, but seriously, who wants to actually have an estimate of when they are going to die, otherwise known as a "death day????!" And to really spice things up, it even counts down the number of seconds you have left to live until d-day, plus gives you an expected cause of death. Holy moly! Thanks, but no thanks.

7. Disgusting Diseases

Unless you feel like having nightmares for the rest of your existence, please don't ever Google any of the world's most terrifying diseases. Mind-numbingly shocking diseases like Cancrum Oris, Elephantiasis, and Harlequin Ichthyosis are just some are the cruel inflictions that make Freddy Krueger look like child's play.

8. Snapewives

Can you believe this!? Apparently, there is a group of women on the Internet who believe they are all married to Professor Snape from the Harry Potter Books (yes, really), fondly known as Snapewives. They even meet up to channel the spirit of Snape so they can have... um... imaginary wedding ceremonies with him, and fight over which of them he loves more, yadda yadda yadda. A special kind of freaky, we're thinking these are just people who need to get out a bit more.

9. The World's Ugliest Anything

Yup, as if looking at an ugly anything wasn't bad enough, you can take things to a whole other level by Googling the world's ugliest dog, cat, or person and see them all together in one terrifying Google montage. You wouldn't believe the abominations that are out there, but maybe you should because then you won't want to Google it.

10. Anything You've Just Bought in a Shop

Do the words glutton for punishment mean anything to you? Because if you have just caved and bought something in a shop, only to have the idiocy to go back and Google it and see how much you could have saved by buying it online, well then we're sorry and there's no sympathy for you.

Did you just go and Google that? We bet you did... go on, don't try to act like you didn't!

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10 Things You Should Never Google