Virtual Family

Virtual Family Kingdom is an online virtual game made by families for families.
Virtual Family Kingdom is an online virtual game made by families for families.

Virtual Family Kingdom is described as a fun, entertaining and adventurous online game designed by families for other families. Creating characters is free and requires familiarity with interacting in an online environment. Unlike other simulators, Virtual Family Kingdom is designed using only the latest technologies, which means it's always in beta.

Get Started in the Virtual Family Kingdom

Create an account by visiting the site online; all you need is an email address. Once you have created an account, you should receive a confirmation and verification email. After you verify your account you will be launched into your living room.

The creators of Virtual Family Kingdom detail that it is about fun, entertainment and building friendships. Chat and friendship functions allow characters to socially interact with each other. Characters are created with default looks. Those looks can be individualized with hair colors, styles, clothing, shoes and other accessories just by choosing the coat hanger button.

Developing Imagination Online

Online environments are ideal for exploring imagination, ideas and creativity. Virtual Family Kingdom and other sites allow people to be as creative as they desire through interaction, quest completion, redecorating the in-game environments and much, much more. While software can be limited, the idea behind virtual families and virtual character simulators is to play the game of "what if?" and "why not?"


Although playing with virtual characters and creating virtual families allows you the opportunity to play out various scenarios, even the most imaginative events are bound by rules.

The constitution of Virtual Family Kingdom includes:

  • No exchange of personal data that would allow contact outside of VFK
  • No explicit sexual conversation
  • No harassment or bullying
  • No religious or political discussions in game
  • No gambling in game
  • Keep it clean

The constitutional rules and terms of service are designed to protect the youngest and oldest players from manipulation or abuse. Players who agree to the rules will be held to them, and accounts that violate the rules will be terminated. By agreeing to the rules, this helps you create a safe atmosphere to play in and explore.

Game Interface

While the interface seems simple, it takes some getting used to. Walking, for example, requires clicking on a floor space for the character to move. Spend time exploring the various areas to get more comfortable with the game mechanics.

A quest button in the bottom right allows the player to earn in-game money. That money can be used for shopping, decorating and other interactions. Don't worry about quests where the question seems hard, because it will let you answer over and over again until you get it right. Many of the question quests are based on reading comprehension, allowing young and old players a chance to get it right.

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