Top 5 Most Popular Online Games for Women

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This list of the top 5 most popular online games for women includes something for every taste and some of the big names in online names you're sure to recognize.

Gaming Tastes of Women Vs. Men

There is no one profile of a woman who plays online games. Some are hardcore gamers, their repertoire including online games as well as console and computer games. Others barely get past the point of playing solitaire on the computer. However, women generally make up a larger portion of those playing casual games. Casual games can include puzzle games, hidden object games, adventure games, arcade games and word games. The advantage to these games is that you can generally choose one and start playing immediately. That doesn't mean that casual games can't be difficult. In fact, some can be frustratingly so. However, the basic instructions and game controls are simple.

Top 5 Most Popular Online Games for Women

Bejeweled 2

The gameplay behind Bejeweled 2 is simple. You are presented with a grid of colored jewels. In order to make the jewels disappear, you must create a horizontal or vertical row of same-colored gems by switching two side-by-side jewels. However, there is also strategy and planning involved in making the most of your switches. It has been a popular casual game, starting with the original Bejeweled title.


Farmville worked its way into the hearts of female gamers through its presence on Facebook. At the basic level, it's a standard simulation game. The player works on a farm, starting with planting seeds and moving on to harvesting crops, picking fruit from trees and milking cows. As you earn money in the game, you can buy more land, buildings and special features to create your ideal farm.

Farmville is intrinsically linked to Facebook because it relies on social networking to spread the playing experience to a larger player base. Farmers send gifts to their friends and receive gifts in turn or volunteer some time working on their neighbors' farms. There are even special ranks to earn based on the number of gifts you have given and received.

You must visit your farm regularly to tend to it if you want it to flourish. It's a game with a simple premise that is easy to play addictively because you want to log in each day to maintain your farm.

Crosswords and Sudoku

Whether you prefer working with numbers or words, online versions of these favorite paper-and-pencil games are among the top 5 most popular online games for women. However, unique interfaces and a variety of playing options make online sudoku and crossword puzzles preferable to their old-fashioned counterparts.

Cake Shop 2

Cake Shop 2 is a Flash game that is available on a number of online gaming sites, including AddictingGames and Big Fish Games. In this game, players must run a cake shop by keeping customers happy. It is a puzzle game where you must assemble cakes according to customer instructions, with some elements of simulation games. It's an easy game to learn, but you'll keep playing to see how successful your cake shop can become.

World of Warcraft

Surprisingly to some, the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game World of Warcraft is popular among a growing contingent of female players. A 2009 Nielsen study found that there were 428,621 female players of the game between the ages of 25 and 54, compared to 675,713 male players in that age group. A player logs on to a server that lets her play with her husband in the next room or a stranger halfway around the world. Characters go on quests to fight monsters, earn treasure and build skills. There is always something to do, so it's easy to get sucked into this fantasy world. Unlike popular free online games, World of Warcraft requires the initial purchase of the game along with a monthly fee to play online.

Do you agree with the list? Does it not include your favorite? Share your picks in the comments below!

Top 5 Most Popular Online Games for Women