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While wrestling isn't as popular as some other sports in the world of online games, there are still several sites that let you play wrestling games online.

Where to Play Wrestling Games Online


Check out the games section of to spend more time with your favorite wrestlers and divas from World Wrestling Entertainment:

  • The site's featured game is based on wrestler John Cena's acting debut in The Marine. Engage in a two-level bar shootout with the bad guys using point-and-click shooting. Play multiple times to improve your shooting accuracy.
  • Memory games ask you to find matching pictures in a grid by only seeing two at a time. If you find all the pairs in less than three minutes, you're rewarded with a video clip. These memory games focus on Steve Austin, past Wrestlemania moments, and several WWE divas. Parents should know that the diva pictures are a bit risqué.
  • Ballbreakers is similar in play to the classic Breakout game. In Breakout, you use a sliding bar at the bottom of the screen to bounce a ball into rows of blocks at the top of the screen, breaking them to advance to higher levels. However, in Ballbreakers, you're bouncing the ball into rows of wrestlers' heads. Listen for theme music and comments as you break through on your way to the next level.
  • The puzzle games are online jigsaw puzzles created from a photo of a well-known wrestler. Drag and drop the pieces into the blank playing area to recreate the image, and watch a video as your prize. Puzzles feature Jim Neidhart, Bret Hart, Dusty Rhodes, and a patriotic picture of U.S. troops.

Monster Pool Side Sumo

If you're interested in the sumo side of wrestling, Monster Pool Side Sumo takes the sport to the water. However, instead of traditional sumo wrestlers, the game is played with monsters floating in inner tubes. Go head-to-head with the computer to push your opponent out of the ring, using the keyboard's arrow keys to maneuver your floating monster. Although the controls are simple, mastering them to win isn't as easy as it seems.

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