Play Truth or Dare Online

Hugging as a Dare

Did you know you can play Truth or Dare online? At first thought, it may seem impossible because Truth or Dare games are typically played with people in each other's company. However, to play truth or dare online games, all you need is a computer and a group of people or a webcam, if you want to play an online version exclusively.

What is Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare is a game for any number of players. One person asks another if they want to tell the truth or perform a dare. Although it's called a game, in reality there are no winners and losers. If the answer is NOT the truth, because someone in the group knows it's not the truth, or the person doesn't want to do the dare, then they sit out. The Truth or Dare game is meant to be fun and a little embarrassing, but not mean or dangerous. The truth questions should pull out information that no one in the group may know so that everyone learns something about the person answering. The dares should be slightly embarrassing, like imitating someone else or making a strange noise, but should put the person in danger. Once a person successfully answers a truth question or does a dare, then they can choose someone to repeat the process.

Where to Play Truth or Dare Online

It may seem odd to play truth or dare online, but it is feasible. There are some sites that make it easy so you don't have to think of questions or dares. That way, no one is left out and everyone has to participate.

  • One of the easiest sites to use is Truth or Dare Online. Once you are ready to play, you customize your party game with a name. Next, pick if you are in a teen or college environment or in an adult atmosphere. After that, you can choose the rating of the questions which range from G to X. G and PG-13 and R ratings should be thought of like movie ratings. The X rating is for adults only. Each option is selectable. That is, if you choose G and PG-13, then you will get questions from both categories. Save your settings and begin your game. As of this writing, the website has plans to integrate webcams into the site so you can play with strangers or friends who also have webcams.
  • Go to Free Truth or Dare and you can set up your own game and save it for later use. As you get ideas for truth questions or dares, then you can save your items and pull them up when it's time to play your game. The website displays random questions and dares so you won't know who is going to get what in any given turn.
  • For a large database of truth questions and dares, go to Get Dare. You don't need to sign up for an account; the box at the top of the page displays the information you need. Just select the Truth or Dare button and the next one will appear. Some people have posted responses, but you can just ignore them. If someone comes up with a good question or dare, you can submit it to the database.
  • Adults can play online by going to Truth or Dare. The suggestions are rated R and above, so ensure that only adults are playing on this site. Just hit the button and answer the question or perform the task.

Using Modern Technology

If you are savvy with webcam use, then you and your friends can get together over the Internet. No more coordinating times and days for everyone to get together in person - just make a time online!

Be wary of sites that offer you the chance to play the game online, especially with strangers. It's fine if you allow them to assist in coordinating a game between you and your friends, but if they allow total strangers to play along, then be careful about who you let play.

Truth or Dare is a fun game to play, especially if it's not completely mean or dangerous. Who knows? Maybe you'll learn something about yourself and others.

Play Truth or Dare Online