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Whether you are searching for an old friend or looking for information on someone you just met, there are several free people search sites that you can use to gather information. While these types of sites will often provide basics such as an address or phone number, an additional fee may be needed to get more detailed information and reports. Social networking sites also provide a helpful way to search for people online.

Online People Search Sites

There are many ways to search for people online. You can begin your search by using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and simply typing in the person's name. While this is an easy method, it is not always the most accurate. You may find a site designed specifically to find contact information or locate people to be more helpful.

White Pages

The official White Pages site offers several free resources to assist you in your search for people online. You can search several ways including:

  • Name: You will need to input the last name to begin searching using just a person's name. However, the name alone may not be sufficient. The more information you can provide about the person, the more precise the results will be.
  • Reverse phone number: Use this feature if you know a phone number and need to find out who it belongs to. For registered land lines, you can find out this for free. Unlisted numbers, however, will not show up in the search results. If the number you enter is for a cell phone, you will have to pay a fee to try find out who owns it.
  • Reverse address: To find out who lives at a specific address, you can input the location and be given a name and phone number (if the phone number is not unlisted).
  • Address: This option allows you to view all the neighbors in a specific area. You will be given house numbers and names of who lives in each residence as well as a range of ages for the residents.

Once you find a listing for the person you are searching for, you can view the address on a map, get the listing sent to your mobile phone and even print it out.

Another feature of White Pages is being able to claim a listing. For example, if you find your own name in a search, you can click on it and claim it. This allows you to edit your information and make sure it is accurate and up to date. In order to use this feature, you will need to create a log in. This allows you to edit your information and see the results immediately.

Zaba Search

Zaba Search provides free people searches. Registration is not required to use the site's free features and you can get instant results.

  • To begin searching on this site, you can simply type in a person's name and choose where to search. You can search all 50 states or narrow your search to a specific area.
  • The search will give you an address and phone number for the person based on their residential listing.
  • You can also choose to find out more information by opting to pay for an Intelius report. That report will cost around $40 and includes information such as age, date of birth, aliases, maiden name, relatives and misdemeanors.

Zaba Search is not only great for searching for people online but can also provides you with other free search features including reverse phone number lookup, area code search, IP address search and zip code search.

People Finders

People Finders makes it easy to find people anytime or anywhere. This site is free to use and does not require you to sign up to use it. It allows you to search for people by entering a name. You can also enter a state or city to narrow the results. The free results include the city and state where the person lives, any aliases, relatives and a map.

People Finders offers detailed information reports for an additional fee. You can select from the following fee-based options:

  • People search report: This report is priced around $1 and includes information such as the person's full name, detailed address, relatives, date of birth and past address history.
  • Monthly membership: This membership is priced around $15 and gives you access to information such as unlimited People Search reports, email lookups, social profile searches and more.
  • Comprehensive background report: For around $40, you can get this report that includes a person's full name, address, phone number, relatives, age, date of birth, address history, property information and a criminal check. This report also includes information on marriage, divorce and bankruptcies.


Pipl provides several ways to search for people online. The free search can be done using the person's name, email, username or phone number. There is also an option to search using a location to narrow down the results.

Pipl's results are unlike any other you will find online. While other search sites use residential listings only, Pipl goes further, searching "deep into the web" for data.Pipl's results include personal profiles, web pages, posts on blogs and forums as well as alternative names, usernames and more.

While you will get a range of results, sorting through the information may be time-consuming. This site is ideal for finding out more about a person but for a quick search for an address or phone number, you may want to search elsewhere.

Finding People Via Social Media

Social media websites are a great resource for finding and connecting with people online at no cost. The extent of your success, however, will be based on the level of privacy that the people you are searching for have applied to their own social networking profiles.

Facebook and MySpace

Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace are very popular and great for finding old friends and acquaintances. These sites are free to use but require the user to set up an account. Once you are a member, you can search for people using the search feature on each site.

  • For example, if you use Facebook, you can type in a person's name in the search box located on the top of the page.
  • For MySpace, you can type in a person's name in the search box then choose to search all of MySpace, just People or the entire Web. If you locate the person, you can send them a message using the site's messaging system.

Both of these sites are ideal for keeping in touch with people and finding those who you lost contact with as well.


LinkedIn is a social networking site that is more professional in nature than Facebook and MySpace. LinkedIn is ideal for searching for people you once worked with, attended school with, or are connected to in another way through your professional network.

  • You will have to register to use the site. You can obtain a basic account for free.
  • Once you are registered, you can search for people using their name or even company.
  • When you find someone you know, you can send a connection request asking the person to be linked to your profile.
  • You are also given an option to upgrade your account to a premium plan to be billed annually or monthly. This option will cost around $20 to $75 a month depending on your selection. The premium plan gives you access to full records and also gives your profile the maximum exposure.

Basic Search Tips

When you begin your search for someone online, it is important to collect as much basic information about that person ahead of time to simplify the process. Your search efforts are much more likely to be successful if you at least have the person's first and last name, city and state of current residence, and any other places that person may have lived. For best results, utilize several search sites and compare your results. You may find different information on various sites giving you a more comprehensive report on a person.

Free Online People Search